Saturday, October 14, 2017

Case Study: Thyroid + Food Allergy = Misery

Do you feel horrible in every way?  Depression, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, PMS, rashes, allergies, constipation, pain?  Check out this story of what I call “multiple system failure,” and her unique cause(s) and solutions. 

When I first met with this person, she was angry.  She felt horrible most days, and her doctor kept saying, “Everything checks out fine.”  (But wait…I’m not fine!  Should we test something else?)
Since doc didn’t take action to solve this mystery…she read, researched…and returned to her doctor, explaining that she had read about yeast…heavy metals…could we test for those?!?  And he would say, “Silly woman, you are so ignorant.”  (Not exactly, but that is how she felt)

The first lesson here, is that when your Doctor says you are fine, he means that you do not qualify for our named conditions.  “I can’t fit you into any of our categories.”  It doesn’t mean you are fine, and you CAN find the cause, if you are willing to look “outside the box.”

For example, when her doctor tested her thyroid, he tested TSH and T4, and declared that “you are fine.”  Yet she had so many thyroid symptoms…  I tested T3, the next step in thyroid function, and it was low.  Sheesh…that wasn’t overly difficult.  Now at least she is validated… (“I knew it!”)  But it doesn’t yet answer WHY…because this hypothyroid pattern is caused by stress and inflammation, so we still need to discover WHY! 

When I first met this person, she was able to “eat about five foods.”  Meat, egg, cucumber, squash, green beans.  Almost anything else and she might feel a terrible tightness around her neck (I was sure it was autoimmune, but it wasn’t!  That’s why you test to find out…anything else is an opinion), her hair would come out in gobs, she would get adrenaline rushes in her tummy, or she wouldn’t sleep for 4 days.  She ate almonds and couldn’t catch her breath.  If she had any carbs, most of the above would happen…and yet she craved carbs intensely! 

When I first met this person, I tested the heck out of her.  First…we talked a long time.  She filled out multitudes of questionnaires, asking about more than she had ever been asked.  And when detail was applied, this is how simple the diagnosis was (the repair was much more difficult). 

She had a history of significant antibiotic use.  The risks of using antibiotics, even once, includes a “super-infection.”  This means that when you kill bacteria, both good and bad are killed…and sometimes, another species moves in.  In her case, the “squatter” was a round worm.  Her doctors never thought to test her poop! 

She had been exhausted, unable to focus or remember, rashy, depressed, anxious, unable to sleep, etc.  FOR 10 YEARS…while her doctor kept telling her she was “fine,” all while she had worms.  And more…she also had yeast (not found in her poop, as she had self treated from her own research, but it was still detected in immune antibodies), adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, and the low thyroid (T3) mentioned earlier. 

ALL DOCUMENTED WITH LAB TESTING in this woman who had been told she was FINE for 10 years. 

As I mentioned, the recovery was challenging.  Her intestines were destroyed by the yeast / worm infections.  That accounted for the severe food reactions.  But over time, it was gorgeous to see unfold. 

At 3 months, her hair was sticking to her scalp, she started sleeping again, her energy was returning, and the terrible tightness around her neck went away.  At 6 months, she was adding foods back in, with some reaction, but minor by comparison.  At a year, her period stopped “wrecking” her, and shortly after that, she felt well enough to try my favorite carbohydrate indulgence…beer. 

Oh, it whipped her butt at first… couldn’t sleep for 4 days.  I remember her visit when she brought in a beer.  I thought she was bringing me a gift, but she said, “Ok, this is the last thing I can’t take, fix me so I can have it.”  And 3 months later, she reported drinking beer without an incident. 
3 years later, she is still a “sensitive.” (As am I!)  She is still discovering her limits of indulgence.  (As am I!)  But she knows we can respond to her exceeding her metabolic capacity (AKA “over doing it”), and treat her system back to center and toward greater resilience. 

If you relate to her earlier experience…I invite you to join our practice and relate to her more recent experience.  Find the root cause, fix the root cause, and build your body back up, system by system. 

PS. I didn’t mention any remedies…there were so many over time…but I do want to mention the worm remover.  I used to refer, with the lab test documenting the infection, to local MDs, for parasites such as these.  The first few they prescribed for, and then they called my office and said they would not take my patients anymore.  So I figured out how to treat parasites naturally.  Her remedy was Noni fruit…one of many natural anti-parasitics I have found.  We retested her stool lab, and it was gone…which furthered my amazement with natural medicine.  At this point, I feel I have discovered more powerful, more potent PLANTS, to kill infections, than any pharmaceutical, and they work WITH your natural immunity to INCREASE your infection defense in the future. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Natural Law = Cause and Effect.

I've been studying Natural Law for many years in my search for healing.  There are 3 simple Laws our culture would really benefit from.  You can scroll down and get it, but you'll understand way better if I give you a basic understanding of what Natural Law teaches.

Natural Law is a cause and effect observation of Nature, including Human Nature.  For instance, one Law we have all witnessed is, "When you remove natural consequences, growth and maturity take a step backward."  I know you know, the kid who's dad smoothed things over at school, and then with the police, and then with being capable of living on their own.  What is your observation of the result of those actions?

The closest thing to Natural Law I have come across in our culture is the teachings of Jesus.  I think, if we followed the described words and actions of Jesus, we would be following Natural Law.  What I was taught in Sunday School, was that Jesus loved everyone, including those he hurt (for their lack of mercy), and those who hurt him.  He taught Trust, Gratitude, Acceptance of differences, Compassion, and Love.

Natural Law teaches by association, and we all are familiar with the elements of Nature...Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.  You can see those elements in our logo above, with the symbol of "creation energy," which Jesus called "Father,"  inside the elements of  Nature, the black and white circle in the middle.

Do you see any similarities to what Jesus taught, in this brief summary of Natural Law?

Wood energy is everything sprouting upward, and what sprouts (shows up) in life depends on your choices, which is Water energy, the energy of choosing direction.  Water demonstrates for us the best direction is the path of least resistance toward your goal.

Fire energy is the blooming, bright hot summer, which in Human Nature, is your most value driven, gift giving expression. Expressing value produces the harvest for this season, our Earth energy: nourishment and protection, which in Human Nature is our people, our loves.

When Natural Law is spoken, every living creature nods.  Law: "When you give value, you receive more love."

Metal energy is the end of the cycle and beginning of the next, time for careful reflection upon the past seasons harvest, aka: the results you just observed.  Then you look forward to next season with greater wisdom and resources.  Law: "Careful reflection upon Results leads to wisdom and resources."

And like the Bible, Natural Law instructs that we are born with Creation energy in us, which in Western Medicine would compare to that spark of energy in our Central Nervous System.  When the brain monitor flatlines, they pull the sheet over the face...the spirit is gone, leaving just the structural elements (physical body).  Law: "You are a gift from God."

Natural Law suggests that everyone is doing their best with their available resources.  And, if tired or hurt, we stop gathering resources.  Nature calls that freezing, and it is for the purpose of recovery from the stress of sprouting, blooming and she sleeps.  In Human Nature, we have a cycle of sleep, and we can't deny the decrease in activity in Winter.

When we suggest a gift from God is not positively intentioned, it hurts in an un-natural way causing something like freezing, that Human Nature calls paralysis, aka: pulling up, stopping short, the holding back of your fire expression.

Paralysis hurts us by preventing sprouting growth, wood energy, and value driven, gift giving expression, our fire energy.  In Nature, we water our garden to encourage growth.  In human nature, it requires value based action to create results, and it requires results to share value.

Why would we freeze?  Natural Law suggests something called need for APPROVAL.  If you reflect on your approval rating instead of your results, you feel stuck, because it is naturally impossible to achieve approval.  Sometimes, yes.  But approval is fleeting.  "What have you done for me lately."

When you reflect on approval, you find strategies.  "When I tell Carol how pretty she is, she approves of me."  When you reflect on results you find values.  "When I tell Carol how pretty she is, she approves of me for 7 minutes.  And the time decreases the more often I tell her."

Think of someone who annoyingly tried to please you. It's true, we move away from that energy. Because it defies Natural Law.

Approval seeking, leads to disapproval!  "Carol is wrong in her view of politics, and I know 22 people who approve." Approval values opinions.  If you pay attention to the Result, you will notice that "Carol was hurt when I told her how stupid she was, and now she is upset with me."

And that Result defies Natural Law AND Jesus.

Natural Law (and Jesus) suggest you can trust your creator, and if you believe either version, it means you can have Faith in your Value.  Seeking approval, and finding disapproval, shatters (or at least shakes) that Faith.  And that hurt...paralyzes.  Even just slightly holding back, is a form of paralysis.

Natural Law would say to our culture:

"Your people need Metal," which represents deep reflection on last season (the RESULTS you witnessed) and careful planning toward What Matters Most..Jesus taught Love, and Protection of the vulnerable is What Matters Most.  He was willing to face great disapproval, to share that message. Even if it's a made up story, it teaches Natural Law.

"Your people need Wood," which represents watching the results of your choices or actions. Our culture taught me that 'insanity' is taking the same action and hoping for a different Result.  If you deeply reflect and carefully plan, you will find new resources to try.  This leads to curiosity... watching and waiting to see what is going to happen from the changes you have made.

What sprouts upward from Approval?  Does Dis-Approval achieve what you value most?

"Your people need Fire," which represents heart expression, aka: sharing your gifts with others.  Yet so many people, we see in paralysis/frozen.  Law: "When you share value, you receive love."

Our eyes see what no one else can see...literally, by being in a different location.  That's called a perspective, and that circle representing Creation, suggests all living creatures can see something very valuable from their unique perspective.

Natural Law teaches that ONLY Results determine right or wrong...Not opinions.  Speak the value of your actions and results.  Your people NEED your Value.  No, not everyone Needs your value, so don't be discouraged by NO...they may be happy with their path and resources.  There are many paths up the mountain. Look for people struggling, and offer yours.

Natural Law suggests that if you are sharing opinions and ideas towards a common problem, Listen to every perspective for its value, because you are solving a problem alongside a perspective you cannot see.  A perspective containing all the elements of life, including Creation.

Which is literally a gift, from God.

And, if you are struggling...humble yourself to "I don't know," so you can see ALL possible perspectives, because you never know who has the resource YOU need.

Lastly, if you are presented with a perspective that suggests you "can't do" what your spirit desires, it just means that person doesn't have what you need.  How interesting, suggesting that it isn't possible just because they have not found it!  If they weren't seeking approval, they would look outside their perspective, for another Resource, as Natural Law suggests.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gall Stones

I Love hearing the patient perspective....
"I'd like to share my experience with Dr Todd Stone at True Health Family Wellness Center in hopes that others may experience the kind of healing treatment I did.
After the usual morning routine of dropping the kids to school and driving in to work I began to have what is only described as an attack.. All of a sudden I could not get a good breath, I was sweating and doubling over from pain in my chest. I began to panic. I had never experienced symptoms like this before and they came on so suddenly. The week prior I had had a full routine physical with labs and everything g came back normal.
I somehow arrived at work and after lying down for an hour with no relief my coworkers brought me to Emergency Room of the local big hospital. I was given multiple tests and had a lot of waiting. I was given precautionary tests... EKG and CT scan to rule out heart attack and blood clots. My vitals were erratic and I was in pain. 8 hours later and being denied food or drink all day ...I was advised that I had Gallstones. I had had no symptoms or any clue that this was an issue for me. I was sent home and felt like I had to recover more from what was done to me than from the actual gallstones. I was told to contact a surgeon the next day for prompt removal of my gall bladder.
This felt contradictory to what I believe, that the gall bladder serves a purpose and there must be some way to heal. I felt that there must be some way to deal with this "on my own". I did some research online and followed the recommendations, liquid diet... apple cider vinegar. blah blah. While the initial attack had subsided 4 days later I was still struggling to walk or get a good breath. I submitted and met with the surgeon. The surgery would remove the cause of my immediate discomfort but there would be side effects to living without one of my organs. In my heart I knew there must be another option.
I contacted Dr Stone as I know he practices from the perspective of healing rather than removal of symptoms, and was seen the next day. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. He listened while I discussed my ordeal. He seemed to have an innate knowledge of what was going on and began testing me with a gentle touch. I simply relaxed while he pulled various herbs and tinctures from his shelves to gauge my body’s receptiveness to them. He educated me and showed me points on my body that I can tap/touch to stimulate my gall bladder. He provided me with a tincture and dosage instructions. We discussed the cause of the gallstones and how I can support not just the immediate issue, but the liver and other organs as well. The appointment was efficient and easy.
I began the regimen immediately and began taking the tincture and supplements hourly. Within 48 hours I felt back to my normal self again. Coworkers began commenting how I looked "Like myself again". I continued with the tincture as recommended (even though I felt better) and continued to improve. I was so glad to be healing my gall bladder rather than removing it! I decreased my dosage and finally stopped taking the supplements once I felt secure and safe that the immediate issue had been resolved. In subsequent conversations with Dr Stone (who is always available when I've had a question about symptom ) we've begun to address the underlying issues. Now that the acute symptoms are relieved the work of healing the whole body, emotionally and physically can begin."

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Winter Immune Defense for Cold/Flu

In my experience, there is nothing more helpful to amazing health than having an acute immune care protocol that WORKS!  While I don’t enjoy being sick, I have seen that each illness matures and strengthens your immune system, leaving you healthier and more resilient in the aftermath.

This only works with natural products, however.  If you turn to antibiotics, it robs you of the maturation and strengthening of your immune system, and because of the detrimental effects on healthy bacteria, leaves you weaker and more prone to getting sick again.  Reserve antibiotic use for emergencies only!  

Natural products nourish and strengthen the immune system, just like food nourishes your body.  When you are sick, your greatest nourishment need is your immune system, and these are the products we have found to work the best! 

For any sniffly, sneezy, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever symptoms…our first line of defense is Congaplex.  Congaplex contains Vitamin A and C plus thymus glandular extracts.  It is a nice healthy meal for the immune system when it is needed the most.  

Elderberry:  This is also first line…Congaplex plus Elderberry for any cold or flu symptoms.  In the late ‘90s, pharmaceutical researchers brought Elderberry into the lab to study its effects.  Their research culminated in a chemical called oseltamivir phosphate, trade name Tamiflu.  But as usual, you can’t outsmart Mother Nature…it works less than half as good as Elderberry!  In one study, Elderberry resolved symptoms in 2 days, compared to 4.5 days with Tamiflu.  Insurance covers Tamiflu though, at 100 dollar per pill…but our Elderberry is affordable at 15 bucks for 30 servings.  2002 Conference on AntiViral Research; Zakay-Rones, Z. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine; vol 1: pp 361-369.

Osha Root:  Early American settlers called the plant the Native Americans gave them “cough root,” as it relieves the deep lung infections better than antibiotics (in my experience).  I treated a patient who had a long history of bronchitis.  It always caused a deep barking cough, and after a couple nights of no sleep from coughing, she would resort to an antibiotic.  It would take an average of FIVE days to clear it out after starting the antibiotic.  Well, sure enough, during her treatment, the bronchitis came back, so we gave her Congaplex and Elderberry.  A couple days later, she emailed that she hadn’t slept in 2 days, and was going to get an antibiotic.  I requested that we reinforce with “cough root” and give it another day.  Osha cleared her bronchitis in a DAY AND A HALF! 

Elecampane:  This is also a lung remedy for cough and bronchitis, and it’s good to have your resources a couple deep in case you need “reinforcement.”  My discovery of this plant was when our entire tribe got whooping cough.  I’d never seen a case before and now we had 4!  I connected with one of our suppliers, which are typically led by a master herbalist who formulates their mixtures, and has a wealth of experience.  He said, “have you tried the blend I named Lung?”  DUH!  Nope!  After weeks of struggle, this blend with the primary ingredient Elecampane seemed to clear out their lungs in a matter of days.  

Garlic and Thyme:  When Amory was just days old, her big sissy shared a bug that caused massive fluid buildup in her lungs.  You could hear the gurgling bubbles without a stethoscope!  And hearing your little baby struggle to get a breath is very unsettling!  We crushed and boiled some garlic…put the water in a nebulizer with a drop of thyme oil…and blew the vapors at her so she would breath them in.  While nursing, so it was very non-traumatic for her.  We listened by the hour, and sure enough, her lungs started to clear and she was soon breathing normally!  This was a pretty creative administration…for older kids and adults, you can take it like other medicine.  Garlic cloves can be used for strep throat, held between the back teeth, and squeezed gently to allow the oils to run down the throat.  

Echinacea, Golden Thread, Waltheria:  Echinacea is an immune stimulant, Golden Thread is one of nature’s most powerful antimicrobials, working on bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungal infections; and Waltheria is Hawaii’s answer to strep throat and the common cold.  Together, these could replace Congaplex for vegetarians, and can be used topically and internally for tough infections.  We have used this blend on an infected tooth, which cleared it up quickly, and saved on dental costs!  Dilute in water and gargle for strep throat, and use topically on the throat (yes, just rub it in).  

Andrographis:  This is the one that seems to test most often if Congaplex and Elderberry don’t test well.  It is indicated for all upper respiratory symptoms just like Congaplex, and may be more indicated for sinus infection.  

You will find, through trial and error, which ones work the best for you.  It is useful to have resources a few deep, so you can “reinforce” when you come across a tough infection.  Remember the ones that resolve symptoms within 48 hours…those are the best matches for you. 
Happy Infection Fighting!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Who's Gonna Start!? (Validating)

Validate comes from the latin word validātus, which means to make strong.  Validate in English means to confirm or approve.  Confirm means to acknowledge and strengthen a perspective.  

The FIVE ELEMENTS philosophy, my model for healing and happiness, suggests that every plant, mineral, and animal has a unique perspective that brings VALUE to the whole. 
From the perspective of the plant, it brings VALUE in the form of nourishment and healing.  From the perspective of the mineral (rock, soil), it brings VALUE in the form of filtration of water, nourishment and growth of plants, and houses a diverse community of microbes that protect, defend, and through decay, return nourishment to the soil. 

You know in your heart that you have VALUE to bring to the whole.  Do you feel safe to express that value? 

Invalidation means to weaken, or devalue another perspective.  You might say that you don’t care what others think about your perspective, but if you dig deep, it does matter.  We have an innate desire to be loved and valued…so it just isn’t true that you don’t care. 

“I don’t care”…is a product of invalidation.  It was conceived from the perspective of feeling invalidated. 
I know you don’t enjoy invalidation, and I agree, in this culture, it requires thick skin to express your unique perspective and VALUE.  Because…human animals have learned that a unique perspective is a threat to their own.  

Imagine talking to the soil… SOIL: “I don’t eat the plants, I feed the plants.”  HUMAN: “Well, that’s just stupid, anyone can see that the plants are for eating.”

You would never argue with the soil, right?  It is TRUTH…one perspective feeds the plants, while another eats the plants. 

Why…do we invalidate another human’s perspective, clearly observed from unique eyes, ears, and experience?  

You and I want validation.  Who’s gonna start?  The starting point…is…ASSUMING POSITIVE INTENTION.  

When I was in school, I couldn’t figure out how to receive validation (other than compliance, which was PAINFUL!)…so I used adults to receive validation from other kids.  I disrespected, smart mouthed, broke rules…and the other kids laughed.  I found a way…a way that alienated adults, but created my own version of validation.  

I bet it was difficult to see my positive intention from the adults’ perspective.  From their perspective, it looked like my intention was to be disruptive.  But the more they punished me, the more this strategy deepened and expanded in me.  It became an identity…and to this day, I feel uncomfortable around adults. 
I sometimes say to my kids, “I don’t understand adults, either!”  “But, Dad, you are an adult.”  “I know,” I say, being subtly suggestive of my lack of understanding of MYSELF!  

If I now, met me then…I would say, “It looks like you are frustrated that there is no room for your perspective…so you make jokes and disrupt whatever is going on, to let everyone know how frustrated you are.  Would you let me show you how to be significant without getting in trouble?  You can still make everyone laugh…”

Validation is critical to cooperation.  Have you ever heard a democrat say to a republican (or vice versa), “Oh, I completely see your perspective and what you are trying to accomplish.”  Do you observe cooperation in politics, or adversity?  (if only slightly less immature than my earlier versions)

Are we doomed to invalidation, since our ‘leaders’ demonstrate and embody invalidation!?  The political perspective of Gandhi was “to be the change you desire in the world.”  

I validate my kids, even if I invalidate first.  I validate my patients, often by showing them what is wrong with them, after somebody told them there is nothing wrong!  And to all, not only do I validate your expression, I ENCOURAGE you to express your unique perspective (in a way that brings VALUE, not disruption!). 
And, it is OK…if mine is different.  I will still do my best to see the value in yours. 

If you desire validation (and I know you do), remember this article always…and even if you begin with invalidation…come back around…step into the others’ shoes, and see their perspective…and ASSUME POSITIVE INTENTION.  

As the first self help book, the Bible, says in Luke 6:38, “GIVE…and you WILL receive.”

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sav-n-Sac Genius

These are my girls…Savannah #1…and Sacred #2.  They have been raised in an environment where “being right” is not a goal.  Oh… please…don’t think we are making our choices because we think we are smarter than anyone…we are MOST certain we are doing everything wrong.  

But…an interesting experiment none-the-less!  Dad is completely insane…and instead of following normal structure…found guidance in some weird concept of eastern medicine called the five elements.   This weird concept…or philosophy…suggests that our ONLY job is to be the most amazing and UNIQUE YOU ever.  It suggests that you CANNOT screw it up, because you are the only YOU ever…so the game is fixed…you will certainly be the most amazing and unique you EVER.  

Then it suggests that we have this strange drive toward contribution and significance…which creates this very uncomfortable need to be of VALUE to others.  All within our own weird-ness. 

Well…so far…here is an example of what they have uniquely created.  A game.  Each player is given a certain number of lines to create anything (drawing lines)…with the goal to be the most comprehensible to others.  At each stage, the number of lines available decreases…so at some point, you only have ONE line to get someone to comprehend your message.  

Mom and Dad are the contestants.  They take us through 10 lines…down to 2 lines (they found at 1 line, there was not enough expression to be unique…playing by themselves, they both got pencil).  Our job is to identify the drawing as intended…their intention…to convey THEIR meaning.  If we got it right, they get a point.  

Mom and Dad…being raised in a structure of “being right” think the game is our ability to perceive.  And Mom kicks Dads butt…she is more “right” than Dad!  Butt…they were wrong…not right…and the game is the ability to convey a message…and Sacred wins with simplicity.  Savannah thought too much..and created too much complexity for us to understand her meaning (just a couple points…still better than ME). 

As Mom is celebrating…which technically, she did win our game of right-ness…our genius children announced that Sacred won.  She won the ability to convey a message with simplicity...we weren’t even in the game.  

And this...perhaps the greatest lesson of life…conveying a message with simplicity so that others can ‘get it’ …is what our (un)schooled children created…as a game.  Practicing something I have struggled with all of my life…for FUN!  

Perhaps…as parents…we should stop talking…long enough…to hear the genius of children…

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Desperate Times...

I see some people at the brink of desperation.  Literally, I have had people say that if I couldn’t help, they were going to accept death.  If you are near or even on the desperation spectrum, this article is for you.  This is for helping you find your path…the GOOD path…even if doesn’t include my sage guidance…

This is my advice…my offering of direction….

First, you have to daily, if not hourly, remind yourself that every symptom is a message about caring for your needs.  Picture a old, wise guru, giving you the most painful advice you have ever heard…and even though it hurts like crazy to hear it, you know from the kindness in his eyes that he loves you and wants you to find your direction and soar. 
Next, get the book, Spontaneous Healing, by Dr. Andrew Weil.  When you bathe your brain in healing and possibility, you tune your focus and attention to healing and possibility.  It’s as simple as this…if you focus on finding blue, you miss a ton of red in your environment.  By tuning into healing, you will come across (find, discover) the resources you need to heal.  My book, “When Did Natural Become The Alternative,” was written with this same purpose.  My book is just a few bucks to buy onAmazon.  Dr. Weil’s book can likely be found for a buck at a second hand book store. 
Adopt the attitude of the “Curious Scientist.”  To the curious scientist, every failure is an indication of a need for change…and change what…VARIABLES.  Nothing more.  Doesn’t mean you are an idiot…you are NOT supposed to know…that’s the point of a scientific experiment…which your life IS.  You are here to find the variables that work for you…only YOU.  So you change variables and get curious… “What do you think will happen?”  The curiosity, which could drift into excitement, will push back against the depression of feeling helpless.  

If you don’t know what to do, how the heck do you change variables?!  Well, you know more than you think.  Remember that plant medicines are to your organs and systems, what your dinner plate is to your body…they meet a specific needs (soothing, stimulating, nourishing, healing!).  So you could walk into a store that sells plant medicines, and pick the one that you most like the name of.  Just TRUST that you are drawn to the name because it is meant for you.  

You could ‘google’ “your symptom + relief or remission or cure” and find a story of someone who overcame a very similar condition or situation, and just model their behavior.  Do what they did…and be curious as to what will happen.

You could do your own research.  And with your brain tuned in to healing, you will likely find something of value.  The National Library of Medicine (you will need to search “your condition or symptom herbal medicine or alternative medicine”),, and the Life Extension Foundation are well referenced resources with tons of content.  Now you have a variable with some research behind it.  Add one, get curious, and pay careful attention to the results.  

All the while, you must adhere to my dietary guidelines.  I have a short video HERE!  And relax, I am not of the mindset that dietary perfection is the only path to healing.  You will find them much easier to follow than most.  

You must also meet your life needs.  Go to the “Resources” link on our website, and scroll down to find a document called “The Five Energy Needs.”  Read and memorize the scripting in that article.  Use it to meet your boundary needs and desire needs.  Five percent more each week (aka…a step at a time).  

You will have ups and downs…everyone does.  Remind yourself that you are at least as normal as Dr. Stone.  Your health will change in direct correlation to your ability to interrupt your ‘down’ patterns.  Focus your attention on finding pattern interrupters that work for you.  

Which would be…Anything that changes your perspective or alters your focus.  

I spent my most helpless times watching a film called “What the Bleep Do We Know.”  Others can interrupt by reading the Bible or something uplifting and empowering.  My wife made me a video of old pictures set to music.  I find it quite impossible to not feel gratitude and appreciation seeing pictures of the kids growing up. 
I realize this isn’t the list you quite expected.  But, it’s my best advice after seeing thousands of patients wanting to change!  And…it appears…based on the tally of results …that I am pretty good at this thing…